Interiors That
Speak to Your Soul

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Interior design is so much more than trying to get the Pinterest-perfect spaces that only exist in pictures. Real interiors with real depth speak to your soul. They evoke a feeling and tell a story.

Harness the Power of

Your Home

“We shape our homes, and then our homes shape us”


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“An interior is the natural projection of the soul”


Blue Capricorn Interior Design

Our environments contribute to how we function and feel in our daily lives.

Imagine walking into a friend's home… Wow, it looks beautiful, but as you spend some time in the space, you realise that the kitchen's layout makes no sense, the couch is uncomfortable, and you end up feeling frustrated and out of place.

This is the power of the built environment—a power you can harness to make your space work for you.

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Nothing You Really Like
is Ever Out of Style

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Forget about trends, forget what your friend did in their home, forget the rules! My role as a designer is to read who you are, how you function, and what you value… what sparks joy, and what makes you frustrated.

I guide you in creating spaces that evoke joy, creativity, inspiration, restfulness and speak to who YOU are!

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Our Services

Hi, I’m Bailey...

a qualified interior designer.

I founded Blue Capricorn Interior Design Studio in 2011, and have never looked back. Over the years, I have loved growing, evolving, and learning in my business.

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner, which I use in my personal life for my family, and to cleanse my spaces and to keep the energy light.

I am married to my husband (who was my first love), and have two absolutely nutty, beautiful children. They challenge, inspire and teach me on a daily basis, sometimes all at the same time!

I love laughing and adding humour to most situations; life is too short to not laugh. I love being in nature to replenish my soul... not hiking up a mountain or anything, just sitting under a tree will do it for me.

I don’t push any particular design aesthetics, as one size does not fit all.

Bailey Basson | Blue Capricorn Interior Design

My strength is reading between the lines, connecting to the client, who they are and what their taste is.

So, that's me! I'd love to hear about you and how I can help capture your truest self in your space.

Blue Capricorn Interior Design


We finally got home after four months of being overseas, and I can’t explain how amazing it feels to be home. I just wanted to thank you again so much for helping us make our home so beautiful. I love my kitchen more than ever!! What do they say about absence making the heart grow fonder? We are grateful that we had your brilliant guidance in making our house our home.

- House H, La lucia